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Casual Academic Hire and Payment – University of Queensland

  • 1. a consistent approach to the scheduling and payment of casual academic staff across UQ 2. the creation of a standard work pattern based on allocation, which will enable payment by schedule 3. a reduced need for time sheets 4. a more simple time sheet system, on occasions that time sheets are still required 5. budgets and variation statements for casual academic staff costs.

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  • Casual Academic Hire and Payment – University of Queensland


    Access the CAHP System UQ is looking to achieve the best results possible from its online workflows. Please let us know more about your experiences using these forms and processes.

    CAHP FAQs – University of Queensland


    Jun 26, 2019 · The CAHP project applies to all academic staff members employed on a casual basis to assist with teaching and learning activities at UQ. Information on how to use the CAHP system is available on the Systems Training Hub. Frequently asked questions are listed below. If you still have a question, contact the CAHP project team.

    CAHP communications – University of Queensland


    56 rows · Jul 02, 2019 · CAHP Release 1.4 successful deployment (PDF, 336.4 KB) 22 May 2018. …

    CAHP known system issues – University of Queensland


    Sep 23, 2019 · Known issues with the CAHP system are listed below. Recently fixed issues are moved to the "Fixed" section, so if you are checking on the status of an issue and can’t see it in the main list, make sure to check the fixed section. If you encounter an issue with the system that does not appear on the list, contact the CAHP project team.

    CAHP user group sprint reviews – University of Queensland


    Jun 13, 2019 · CAHP User Group Sprint Review meetings showcase the project’s progress and development and enables the project team to update stakeholders on timelines and changes in process. The meetings also allow stakeholders to guide the project by providing input to the team.

    Casual academic staff salaries – University of Queensland


    Mar 25, 2021 · salary and pay deadlines for CAHP payments Summer Semester 2021_2022 (staff login required) salary and pay deadlines for CAHP payments Semester 2, 2021 (staff login required) The salary schedules listed do not include a UQ superannuation contribution to UniSuper .

    HPI Expression of Interest (EOI): Casual Tutor – School of …


    Sep 03, 2021 · Check your UQ Staff Email Account. Check your spam folder. Contact CAHP Support. Q2: I cannot see my timetable in CAHP. What should I do? If you have accepted your offer letter and completed all relevant tasks for hire – please contact HPI CAHP Administration. If you have not received an offer letter, go through the steps above in question 1.