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We make it simple to calculate your Ontario (OLSAS) GPA using our intuitive calculator in just three easy steps. Select your school from the list Enter all of your classes and your grades.

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Calculate Ontario (OLSAS) GPA. This tool will help you calculate your Ontario (OLSAS) GPA, which is used by law schools in Ontario to evaluate your application. Hey, we’ve made some improvements! We’ve made a better system to calculate your OLSAS GPA. It’s got more functionality, like being able to take grades from multiple schools at once.

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    Calculate your cumulative GPA (CGPA) for Ontario law school admissions (OLSAS). Get your B2, B3, L2, and L3 scores as well.

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    You can calculate your own GPA using the OLSAS conversion chart, or you can use our calculation tool for a simpler experience. The OLSAS scale is not a typical 4.0 scale, so you will likely see a difference between your OLSAS GPA and your university-generated GPA.

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    Jun 14, 2021 · To determine your cGPA as it relates to OLSAS’s 4.0 scale you will need to convert your school’s letter grade to the OLSAS scale (to do so you’ll need to know your institution and letter grade and then compare it to the conversion chart provided by OLSAS. conversely, you can use the tool available on this forum).

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    Aug 16, 2021 · OLSAS – Undergraduate Grade Conversion Table. This chart is used for converting individual grades only. The scales are applicable only to current grading schemes. Refer to the Institution Scale Chart to see which scale applies to each university. The grade point average is only 1 of several factors considered in evaluating your admissibility …

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    166 LSAT Median | 3.85 GPA Median. (UBC uses a student’s highest LSAT score. GPA based on all years of undergraduate study, but UBC drops lowest 12 credits from calculation of admissions GPA for applicants who have graduated and drops lowest 6 credits from admissions GPA for applicants in their third year of college.)

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    The admission committee assesses applicants based on the combination of LSAT score and Grade Point Average (GPA). Applicants applying to Ontario law schools must submit their applications to the OLSAS. LSATs must have been written within the past 5 years and above the 70 th percentile (157).

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    Dec 09, 2021 · I didn’t realize that OLSAS will use ‘courses extra to degree’ when calculating your cGPA. As a result I dropped from a 3.72 to a 3.61. Really wasn’t anticipating I’d be applying with a below 3.7 GPA and am pretty scared about my chances now. I know …