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Nov 05, 2012 · Overpayment calculator. Use the Overpayments calculator on nationwide.co.uk to see how making overpayments could help reduce your client’s mortgage term and interest they’ll pay. Overpayment calculator. All calculators are for illustrative purposes only.

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For a thorough calculation of how much your client may be able to borrow, fill in the full affordability calculator below. Alternatively, for straightforward cases you can get a quick indication of how much Nationwide could lend by using the quick quote calculator on nationwide.co.uk.. To give your client(s) an estimate of how much their property is worth today, use the house price calculator.

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Dec 03, 2021 · Welcome to Nationwide for Intermediaries (NFI). Flexible mortgage features come as standard on all our products. Simply paying more than the required monthly mortgage payment could open up a range of flexible options for your clients.

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Nationwide For Intermediaries allows one set of user login details across NFI Online and MTE. Registering with Nationwide For Intermediaries is a 2-step process. 1. If you have not already done so, you must obtain login details from MTE. Select ‘Create login details’ below to go through the MTE registration process.

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NFI planned maintenance. … This website is for the use of professional mortgage intermediaries or financial advisers only. If you reproduce any information contained in this website, to be used with or to advise clients, you must ensure it follows the FCA’s advising and selling standards. … Nationwide is not responsible for the content of …

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