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Volunteer Requirements. Calgary Humane Society is an equal opportunity organization, we welcome diversity and the synergy stemming from all perspectives as a result of …

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At Calgary Humane Society (CHS), volunteers are at the core of everything we do. Our volunteers contribute thousands of hours each year in dozens of different roles to …

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Apr 22, 2015 · Calgary Humane Society’s behavior classes are designed to be as interactive as possible. In addition to the responsibilities above, our volunteers can also be found providing visual demonstrations or role-playing training scenarios with our trainers …

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From our earliest beginning, Calgary Humane Society was more than a shelter. As Calgary’s first-established animal welfare organization, connecting the lives of animals and people while providing essential animal services to the community remains our central priority. Today, Calgary Humane Society (CHS) shelters almost 4500 homeless animals …

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Each year our volunteers give a collective 10,000+ hours both in-shelter and out-of-shelter. Our staff and volunteers partner together to form a vital team that’s essential to carrying out our mission to promote the health, care, and adoption of these animals. There are many important roles that you can fill to …