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CAMbens Discounts. We’ve put some small files called "cookies" on your device to make our website work and keep it secure. We’d also like to collect additional data to understand how people use our site in order to improve our services. This involves analytics cookies managed by …

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CAMbens Discounts is an outstanding shopping discounts scheme for University employees. To register with CAMbens Discounts, you will be asked to provide your payroll number, date of …


They are purchased through the CAMbens Discounts website and the discount is applied when they are purchased or topped up. For example, where a retailer offers a 10% discount and the employee purchases £100 of vouchers


7. Why am I getting emails from CAMbens Discounts?….. 2 1. What is CAMbens Discounts? CAMbens Discounts is shopping discounts scheme for University of Cambridge employees. Through the scheme employees have access to online and telephone discounts, can receive cash back on

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Follow CAMbens on Twitter Make sure you register for the SmartHub, a recently launched employee benefits portal. Here, you can see all of the benefits the University has to offer, access shopping discounts available and hundreds of retailers, and visit the online Wellbeing Centre.

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CAMbens Cycle The University has a cycle to work salary sacrifice scheme. Cycle Shop Discounts A number of cycle shops offer discounts Those employees who need to drive to work also have access to a car sharing scheme.