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CamCORS root


Welcome to the Cambridge Colleges’ system for the Online Reporting of Supervisions CamCORS is owned by the Colleges and each College is responsible for its own user and student records on the database. Please refer to the Senior Tutors’ Committee website for guidance and procedures for supervisions. Everyone needs a Raven account (ie a University IT username – the so-called "CRSid" – …

Projectors – Digital Cameras – Audio Equipment | Camcor.com


Projectors, Audio Visual Systems for the 21st Century Classroom. Camcor.com – Photography & Presentation solutions since 1949.

Supervision reports: CamCORS | Undergraduate Mathematics


Supervision reports: CamCORS. You are expected to fill in a supervision report for each student. In October 2002, the old paper system was replaced by an online integrated system which should save you and the college office a great deal of time.

CAMCOR | Oregon’s High-Tech Extension Service


Our primary services include: Titan TEM, SEM, electron microprobe & associated analytical equipment for studying features ranging in length scale from centimeter to subatomic, morphology, & elemental composition. Site-specific material removal, deposition, and imaging for micro and nanofabrication, TEM sample prep, cross-sectional investigation …

Camcor: quality photo prints, books, and canvas.


We print photos, enlargements, books, calendars, cards and a ton of unique photo gifts, like mugs and mousepads, in our shop on 2273 S Church Street in Burlington. Order online or …

Industrial Dust Collection and Pneumatic Conveying …


CAMCORP dust collection and pneumatic conveying solutions can be standard or modified to fit any application. With nearly three centuries of combined experience, our experts have tackled every application and realize there isn’t a one-size solution fits all. Passionate, hardworking employees and in-house manufacturing experts take pride in …