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Moodle link – Penshurst Girls Campus


When the Moodle home page displays, select the campus followed by the KLA category and then the course you wish to access. A login page will display. Use your DEC Portal username (firstname.familyname) and password to access the Moodle. The GRC Moodle is for the exclusive use of students and teachers at GRC Penshurst Girls Campus.

Moodle – Georges River College


Penshurst Girls Campus address 2 Austral Street Penshurst NSW 2222 telephone 02 9580 3141 email penshurstg-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au. Get directions. Oatley Senior Campus address Corner of Oatley Avenue and Hurstville Road

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A short survey for parents and carers is now open to help the Department strengthen consent education for students. Stud… From the department. /News category. Summer skills for 2021 school leavers. 03 Dec 2021. Get job-ready this summer with fee-free courses across in-demand industries. The NSW Government’s Summer Skills program of fee-free …

Campus moodle – Peakhurst Campus


Below is the link to GRC Peakhurst’s Moodle, created to support and enhance the teaching and learning of our students. Our Moodle is currently being developed. Please visit moodle and then select the specific campus moodle site you wish to access. When the moodle home page displays, select the campus followed by the KLA category and then the …