can i get a paper bill and an online bill? bc hydro

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Go paperless with your BC Hydro bill


If you aren’t already, you can also manage your BC Hydro bill online too. With added convenience and zero paper waste, it’s worth making the switch to online billing. Benefits of secure online billing. Compared to paper billing, online billing via your MyHydro account offers these benefits: Get your bill faster, making it easier to manage your budget.

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Sign up for online billing Using online billing is the fastest way to receive your bill and manage your BC Hydro account. Get started by signing up for MyHydro.

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Find answers to common questions about your bill or your BC Hydro account and how you can manage your account online. Ask a question. Subscribe to our eNewsletters. Get the latest news and tips from BC Hydro directly to your inbox. Learn more. Connect with us. Need help with your bill? Get answers to questions about paying your bill, rates …

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Online banking. Log in to your bank’s website, go to the pay bill section and add or select BC Hydro as a payee. You’ll need to have your BC Hydro account number on hand. You can also pay in person at your local branch, using telephone banking or an automated banking machine.

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Viewing your bill online. We’ll send you an email when your bill is ready. In the meantime, you’ll be able to see your previous bills, payment history, and electricity use. … We look for exceptional people to bring new ideas and fresh thinking to BC Hydro. Learn more. Get in touch with us. Call us to report a power outage in your area or to …

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Each bill you receive includes graphs that indicate your electricity usage. And with a MyHydro account, you can access a suite of tracking tools that provide detailed electricity use by month, week, day, and even hour. Residential bills include our Step 1 and 2 tracker.

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Still receiving a paper bill? Go paperless and reduce clutter. You can view your bill online and manage your account with MyHydro. Find out how at…

New BC Hydro customers


Note that a charge of $12.40 + GST for new accounts will appear on your first BC Hydro bill. Some accounts may also require a security deposit. Open a new residential account . Open a new account for your business. Here’s the information that you’ll need: If you don’t already manage existing BC Hydro accounts online, get started by signing …