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Yes, you can! But you’ll need to make sure your router isn’t locked by your previous provider. When you sign up to us, we’ll send you your username and password, so you connect your own router. With our superfast fibre-optic Ultra Broadband your router needs to be ‘Very High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line’ (VDSL) compatible. If it’s not, it won …

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Key features. Broadband and phone. Superfast fibre. Expert review. You might expect a company that also offers electricity and gas to struggle against specialist broadband providers, but Utility Warehouse has impressed in past Which? surveys. Read on to find out how it did in our latest survey.

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Can I have superfast Ultra Broadband? What speeds can I expect to get with my Broadband service? What’s a micro-filter? Will there be an interruption when my Broadband upgrades to Ultra? What cable do I need to connect my PC to my router? What happens if I disconnect Broadband Ultra/Ultra + within contract? Are 0300 numbers free to call?

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Apr 13, 2021 · Utility Warehouse broadband operates on the Openreach network, which is the same physical network (wires, exchanges and cabinets) as all other providers except for Virgin Media broadband, which runs its own. As such, there’s little if anything to choose between Utility Warehouse and all those other providers when it comes to the speeds offered.

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With our superfast fibre-optic Ultra Broadband options, your router needs to be Very High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL) compatible. If it’s not, it won’t work with our broadband service. If you need a router, we can send you one too.

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If you are on our extended (BT) network, the normal price for Ultra is £41 per month, or £46 per month for Ultra+, including line rental. PLUS: Save up to 80% on BT call charges & 10% on line rental. UNLIMITED FREE calls to Utility Warehouse landlines. Inclusive call bundles available from just £15 a …

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Jul 06, 2021 · So-called ‘superfastbroadband offers speeds of 24Mbps or more, and less than 300Mbps via cables that are fibre optic part of the way to your property. ‘Ultrafast’ broadband is a connection with speeds of more than 300Mbps, but less than 1Gbps (one gigabit per second, or 1000Mbps) and is typically delivered via fibre optic cables running the …