can i merge a timcard with a tims rewards card or tim hortons

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Multiple Card Balance Merge – Allows you to take the full balance of one card and move it to another. At any time, you can merge the balance of two TimCards ®, as long as the combined balance does not exceed $100. See the question above for more details about Multiple Card Balance Merge.

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You can transfer funds from one card to another. You can also merge the balance of your Classic Tim Card onto another Tim Cards. Simply choose the Transfer tab or the Merge Balance tab. After merging a balance to another card, you’ll be prompted to unregister the zero balance card or keep it in your profile if you’d like to still use it for yourself, a family member, or a friend.

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Mar 27, 2021 · In todays video i show you how to link your Tims card to Tim Hortons app. In todays video i show you how to link your Tims card to Tim Hortons app.

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Found info on how to do this under help-*(In order to merge the balance of two TimCards*, you need to register or login to the TimCard* site, and then register each card that you want to merge. From the account summary screen, in the Manage Account Information section at the top, you will find a Multiple Card Balance Merge link)*I have tried a dozen times on different sources- ipad, iphone, computer.

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Jun 24, 2021 · How to earn Tim Hortons rewards. Tims Rewards works on a point-based structure, which means you earn points on purchases you can then redeem for rewards. For every eligible purchase you make, you earn 10 points when you scan your card or app. It doesn’t matter if the purchase amount was $5 or $500 – you’ll only earn 10 points.

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Reload your TimCard ® at participating Tim Hortons restaurants, or from the comfort of your own home. There are 2 options: Auto Reload – automatically reload your card on a regular schedule or when it falls below a pre-set balance. Manual Reload – 1 time reload. Login & Reload.

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Home of Canada’s favourite coffee. Join TimsRewards and start earning rewards today.

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There is a way to merge them but usually managers are the ones who can do it (just like managers are able to activate a batch of cards instead of loading each individual card separately) 1 Share

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Yes there should be a button saying to link your tims rewards card, if you can’t find the button or have tech problems click here or if that doesn’t work go on timhortons.ca, click the menu, contact us, scroll to the bottom and click contact support. 5. level 2. Lolilio2. Op · 1y.