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Can’t access coles website – Telstra CrowdSupport – 704055


Hi. For some reason I’m unable to get on the Coles website on my phone. I tried multiple browsers both on my home wifi and mobile data but am unsure what is happening. I know the website isn’t down as I could access it on my laptop fine.

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Can’t hear anyone – Telstra CrowdSupport – 942236


I bought a Samsung Galazy a11 at coles but has telstra sim card in it which i trust the most, just recently a couple times when someone has gone to ring me i cant hear anyone on other end, – 942236. CrowdSupport. CrowdSupport Home. Announcements. CrowdSupport Wiki.

Prepaid international roaming in canada – Telstra …


I am in Canada with Telstra pre paid SIM which doesn’t connect to any carrier. I read on Telstra website Telstra stopped pre paid roaming on 13 Oct 2020 and said something as replacement will be launched mid 2021.do we still cant use prepaid while overseas ? …

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Interactive device support. If you’re having mobile reception issues, there are a few things you can try to solve the problem: Restart your device. Check for an outage on our service status page. If there’s an outage, there isn’t anything you can do until the network is back up and running. You may be eligible for a credit to your account …

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Telstra CrowdSupport forums are here to help you. We’ve launched a new forum today with the goal of providing you with better support online. Ask. Learn. Share. Discuss. Questions and answers are posted in real time. Check it out!

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Crowdsupport.telstra.com.au is definitely an overcrowded website with approximately 66K visitors monthly, according to Alexa, which gave it a very high traffic rank. Moreover, Crowd Support Telstra has yet to grow their social media reach, as it’s relatively low at the moment: 150 Twitter mentions, 15 Google+ votes and 13 LinkedIn shares.

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Plans you cant SIM swap on: Post-paid data and tablet plans; Post-paid data plans; Post-paid Data Share plans If your plan includes voice, SMS or MMS, and allows SIM swap, you’ll still be able to access these in any compatible device. If you need to use your handset to access data, we recommend a post-paid mobile plan with a mobile data …

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Enjoy tickets to the 2021-22 Moonlight Cinema for $12.50 (adults) with Telstra Plus. Get tickets. Getting started is easy. Joining is free. To join Telstra Plus, sign in with your Telstra ID. If you don’t have a Telstra ID, you’ll need to create one first. A Telstra ID is the only sign-in you need to access and manage all your Telstra apps …

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Telstra Cloud Infrastructure offers virtual servers on dedicated or shared compute in our Australian data centres. Designed with enterprise service levels in mind, it’s built to scale with security, reliability and performance baked in. Access your virtual servers through your private network and internet to run the applications you need.