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Can’t deploy SRV in Elite: Dangerous – Arqade


Jan 08, 2017 · 0) Buy and equip the SRV hangar module, and buy at least one SRV for it. 1) Fly to a landable planet (they have the blue crescent over them in the system view) 2) Enter orbital cruise, then fly down til you hit orbital glide. 3) After exiting orbital glide, fly down to the surface of the planet. 4) Deploy landing gear.

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Elite: Dangerous is an MMO space adventure. Pilot your own ship and trade, blast, explore, sneak, buy, barter, mission, co-op play, solo play your way to the top accolade in the galaxy: Elite! This is the latest installment of the seminal open-world, go-anywhere, do anything space game which, since its launch in 1984 has spawned and inspired a …

Newest ‘elite-dangerous’ Questions – Page 2 – Arqade


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Reload cannons in Elite Dangerous – Arqade


Jan 08, 2017 · My Asp Explorer in Elite: Dangerous has four (4) cannons outfitted on it. Sometimes I want to reload my cannons’ clips manually, so that I’m prepared for a battle. I cant find a keyboard shortcut for this, or the ability to map this to a key binding in the game settings.



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