can t log in :smite reddit

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Can’t log in : Smite – reddit


Can’t log in I’m a PC user that created my Hi-Rez/Smite account through my google account and haven’t been able to log into the game since this latest patch. I can get through the launcher screen log-in just fine but the game wants me to sign in again (which has never happened before) and I don’t get the option to sign in through Google in-game …

Can’t Log In : Smite – reddit


I have AT&T internet and recently I have been having this issue where I cant log in for a certain period of time. It gets stuck at the "logging in with your credentials" screen. It wont let me do anything unless I exit and try again. I have tried re installing smite and it has worked a few times.

Can’t log in? : Smite – reddit


1. level 1. ltbattlebadger. · 7y. Cloud9. was in a match and it said connection to chat servers lost, you may finish your current game before restarting. although it wouldn’t let me play, I dc’ed and tried to relog but cant connect to servers. 1. level 2. ltbattlebadger.

I can’t log in!PLS help! : Smite – reddit


I have this as well, but also cannot log into my HiRez account on the website, can you ? Also checked the server status page and only Paladins upgrade going on and a possible issue with Xbox Smite, nothing on twitter either

I can’t log into my first account : Smite – reddit


i have 2 accounts of smite , for long time using single steam account without any problem , and now after i deny to link my account to steam or another platform that i don’t remember , i cant access to my first account ( lvl147) i cant even log out from my second account to try to log in … it doesn’t even shows launcher … i tried to download standalone client , but it won’t launch …

Login in game, but can’t login on website : Smite


I feel I’m the only one having this problem, and I never had it before until now. I can login to play the game, but when I go on the smitegame website and try to purchase gems, it keeps saying that my account login is a "failure". Really confused. I get it all the time .-. I just request to reset my password on the site then it works.

Can’t log in? PS4 : Smite – reddit


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I’m couldn’t be more upset I tried to play one game this morning suprise servers down. Cool go to work….. get back try to play 1 fucking game of the game I play everyday lol Suprise random notification that I’ve never seen before telling me “yup still cant play bitch get a life” (Yes I’m venting, I’m mad I understand the do something else argument) don’t care I’m mad.